ProDrone Services

ProDrone Services are proud to provide aerial imagery and surveys for many different people, businesses, industries and sectors using our state of the art DJI Inspire 2 drone and fully trained staff. 

We specialise in producing drone generated thermal, infrared and land mapping images which provide exceptional data for many different industry sectors. Agricultural, Commercial Property, Estate Agents, Land Owners, Remedial services to name but a few.

We’re also in the business of producing beautifully stunning aerial images of your special event – parties, weddings, celebrations, proms, or simply a cost effective record of your home or favourite places through the seasons perhaps.

With the advent of drones, the inclusion of fantastic aerial videography of your business or attraction on your own website or social media is much more financially accessible and gives your customers a birds eye view of the best places to visit.

If you are a film maker, gone are the days of expensive booms, high rise platforms and the associated cinematic limitations. A drone such as ours will provide a high quality, cost effective way of producing magnificent panoramic footage to rival Hollywood itself!

In essence, if we can see you or your celebration, your home, your business, your land from the air we can photograph or film it from a fabulously unique perspective.

To perform any form of aviation, drone or aerial work for ‘commercial gain’ you must have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and a commercial UAV pilots license.

ProDrone Services has pfco from the CAA, which means we have been approved to work commercially and all our practices and policies are built with the health and safety of the public, our clients and our team as our priority.

We are insured with a leading insurance company to the value of £5 million.